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cabo gata

WELCOME TO Hostel Juan de Austria.

Recently renovated in 2007, is ideally located near the town of Roquetas de Mar and the city of Almeria. Near the nature reserve of Cabo de Gata Nijar. Located in a residential area and basically devoted to tourism.


The rates below are expressed in euros . 1 euro = 0.72 pounds GBP and 1.09 US Dollars. Prices subject to V.A.T. included. Prices are per room and night to stay in accommodation arrangements only. If you need to know the exact prices for a particular date, you can get the exact prices in the booking process.

Prices are constantly changing every day according to demand. Juan de Austria hostel is committed to guaranteed minimum price. If you find a hotel of the same features or better, with a lower price for the same dates in the same area (radius of 50 km) are committed to study match the offer. Juan de Austria hostel is a low cost hotel in Almeria with premium quality.