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Expo Agro Almeria 2012 International FAIR Agricultural 27ed.

27th edition Expo Agro Almeria MODEL 2012 INTERNATIONAL FAIR 2012 from agriculture and food security.
Congress: 18 to 20 april 2012.
Place: Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Almeria, in Aguadulce Roquetas de Mar
This fair is one of the most important agricultural fairs worldwide. It is an excellent opportunity to enhance trade and cooperation agreements materialize and contracts, consolidate and find potential customers in markets.


expo agro almeria 2012
World championship ornithological Almeria 2012 60ed. Spanish championship Almeria 2012 4ed.

dates: 13/01/2012 al 23/01/2012
championship: 20 al 22 de Enero 2012. Place: Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos en Aguadulce, Roquetas de Mar.
Organization: Federacion Ornitologica de Andalucia FOA / COE / COM-E / COM
Confédération Ornithologique Mondial
Sponsor: Terenziani
Publicated: La Voz de Almeria 16/3/2011

campeonato almeriaornitologic
Expoagro Almeria trade show 26 edition

international fair of agroalimentarie business of the Mediterranean, and Almeria congress CIPA CIDAPA 2010.
Congress: 24 to 26 november 2010.
Place: Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Almeria, in Aguadulce Roquetas de Mar
Reference Fair Mediterranean and European horticultural industry to aid and innovation, workshop with Maghreb, Europe and South America, for professionals and visits to companies.


expo agro almeria 2010
Almeria fair trade show regional 20 edition ferial

Village fair 2nd. edition.
9,10,11, 12 october 2010.
Place: Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Almeria, in Aguadulce Roquetas de Mar. Almeria regional fair trade show.

trade show almeria
Fair show 1st. edition

I Fair show in Aguadulce ( Roquetas - Almeria )
4 to 6 de november 2010
Place: Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Almeria, in Aguadulce Roquetas de Mar

To present the most modern and qualified technology applied to entertainment, music production, representation and infrastructure of the show and its ancillary industries.

spectacle fair Roquetas
Fair Almeria

August 2010.
Place: Almeria city and Bullring Toros of Almeria.
Traditional and popular party which is held annually in honor of the patron sainte of Almeria, the Virgin of the Sea. Concerts are held, pottery Fair, Fair horse, equestrian competition, festival flamenco and bullfighting.

almeria fair
Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses in Almeria

6, 7 february 2010 - 14 february 2010.
Place: Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Almeria, in Aguadulce Roquetas de Mar in Av. Pedro Muñoz Seca, s/n.

SIAL 2010 VI Almeria real estate and residential tourism trade show

16/04/2010 a 18/04/2010.
Place: Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Almeria, in Aguadulce Roquetas de Mar in Av. Pedro Muñoz Seca, s/n.
"We help you find your home"
Organize: Global 21
Collabore: Junta de Andalucia house department, Camara de Comercio de Almeria, Ayuntamiento de Almeria and Ayuntamiento de Roquetas, others.

sial almeria
Semana Santa 2010

29/03/2010 a 4/04/2010.
Place: Roquetas de Mar and Almeria city.
Traditional popular festivals. Several parades through the streets on the occasion of the pilgrimage of Hollyweek or Semana Santa.
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palacio congresos roquetas

Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Almeria, in Aguadulce.

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International Handball Women Tournament 2010, 2nd edition.

Vicar city sports palace
2010, November 24 - 28.
Handball National Team Women of Spain, Russia, Brazil, The Netherlands, Montenegro, and Slovenia.
Palace of Sports of Vicar city .
Las Cabañuelas norte
04738 - Vícar

Group A: The Netherlands, Montenegro, Spain
Group B: Russia, Brazil, Angola
24/10/2010, Slovenia - Russia
24/10/2010, 20:30h, Spain - The Netherlands
25/10/2010, Slovenia - Brazil
25/10/2010, 20:30h, Spain - Montenegro
26/10/2010, Brazil - Russia
26/10/2010, The Netherlands - Montenegro
27/10/2010, match to 5th.position
27/10/2010, 12h, Semifinal 1st, in live TV Teledeporte and Canal Sur.
27/10/2010, 17h, Semifinal 2nd
28/10/2010, 10:30h, match to 3rd.position
28/10/2010, 12:30h, final, at 14h Teledeporte

handball vicar
IX Aerobithon 2010 Roquetas de Mar

Aerobithon national circuit, Aerobic 2010 Roquetas de Mar ( Almeria ).
Sunday, 18 april 2010
Place: Pabellon Maximo Cuervo en Aguadulce / Roquetas de Mar ( Almeria ).
Inscripciones: plazo máximo hasta Friday, 16 april 14h.
Aerobic, championship national Aerobithon. Federacion Española de Aerobic
Participan: FEDA Almeria, FEDA Sevilla, FEDA Alicante, FEDA Castellon.
Servicio Municipal Deportes Roquetas: Tel.+34 950 338519-18
Organize: Roquetas de Mar
Sponsor: Deportes Blanes
Collabore: Caritas Almeria
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aerobithon roquetas
Neo Sport

Aquatic lifesaving course in Roquetas de Mar ( Almería ), duration 90 Hours. teoric-practic. Dates: 9, 10, 11, 17 and 18, 24 and 25 april, and days 1 and 2 may 2010.

socorrismo neosport
handball roquetas club.

first division women's handball club.

bm roquetas
handball Vicar goya koppert.

honour division women's handball club.

vicar goya
Extreme 40 Sailing Series de vela
iShares Cup 2010 Almeria

Organize: OC Events , Patrocina: Omega, GH Mumm, Henri Lloyd, Andalucia.
2010 , dates to confirm.

iShares Cup
Karting de Roquetas.

Come on in a kart.

Eurorando 2011 Andalucia.

Trekking in Almeria 7 to 9 october 2011, Granada 10 to 12 october 2011 and Malaga 13 to 16 october 2011. Organize: European Ramblers Association ERA, Federacion Andaluza de Montañismo FAM and Federacion Española de Deportes de Montaña and Escalada FEDME
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FAM Eurorando 2011
FEDME Eurorando 2011

eurorando 2011
Moto Club Roquetas

Check the calendar for upcoming motorcycle group outings.


pabellon deportivo infanta cristina

stadium Infanta Cristina of Roquetas de Mar. Road of Alicún, s/n esq. Calle Morse.

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David Bisbal en Roquetas de Mar

Friday, 28 may 2010 20h
Place: Bullring of Roquetas
Musical concert in tour: sin mirar atrás

David Bisbal promises a spectacular concert. One of the greatest musical artists of the moment. Bisbal gives her audience the best songs on a new tour on the way home.

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Candy Pirates (in spanish)

Thursday, 6 may 2010 18:30h
Place: Theatre auditorium of Roquetas de Mar
La Carpa Teatro with Pablo, Carmen, Esther, Lorena and Paco.
infant theatre and fun, your pet chicken.

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carpa teatro

Friday, 7 may 2010 22h
Place: Theatre of Roquetas de Mar
Music concert

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La huella

Saturday, 8 may 2010 22h
Place: Theatre of Roquetas de Mar
Productor: Txalo, SL

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Europe day

Sunday, 9 may 2010 11h
Place: Vicar, Bulevar city of Vicar, round of the culture.
Bobbin, tailoring, painting and crafts. Street theater and musical group La Llegada.

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dia europa
concert Piratas del flamenco

11 - 12 may 2010
Music school concert, Music school of Roquetas.
Place: Theatre of Roquetas de Mar
Organize: Centro de Profesores de Almeria CEP and Excmo. Ayto. Roquetas
Sponsor: Fundacion Cajamar

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escuela musica
Loquillo, Rock and Roll Star, 30 years

Saturday, 15 may 2010 22h
Place: Theatre of Roquetas de Mar
Music concert

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Paulina Rubio

Friday, 21 may 2010 22h
Place: Theatre of Roquetas de Mar
Music concert

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paulina rubio
International Classical Guitar Gala Julian Arcas, 11 edition

16 to 26 june 2010
Place: Village School of Music Dance and Theatre of Roquetas de Mar -La Fabriquilla, El Parador-.
Adam Woch concert, competition modalities of Antonio de Torres -19 june-, Jose Tomas -20 june- and Julian Arcas -15 june-.
Sponsor: Fundacion Cajamar.

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guitarra arcas almeria
Diana Navarro

Friday, 5 june 2010 22h
Place: Theatre of Roquetas de Mar
Classical music concert

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diana navarro
Ron Lala teatro

Friday, 11 june 2010 21:30h
Place: La Puebla de Vicar, Theatre auditorium Ciudad de Vicar.
Mundo y final.
Humoristic theatre with musica in live
Price: 5 euros

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ron lala
Los Morancos

Saturday, 12 june 2010 22h
Place: Theatre auditorium Roquetas de Mar
Humorist theatre

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Paganini and Llana

Saturday, 19 june 2010 22h
Place: Theatre auditorium Roquetas de Mar
Patrocina: Fundacion Cajamar

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Pulpop Festival 2010

Saturday, 10 july 2010 22h
Place: Bullring of Roquetas de Mar
Love of Lesbian, diecinueve, arizona baby, monogay,
Organize: Excmo. Ayto. Roquetas area Juventud

pulpop fest 2010
Help for Haiti Festival , hh festival

Saturday, 10 april 2010
Place: Bullring of Roquetas
Donation concert. Musical groups: Dinero, Eskorzo, Langue Doc, Senegal Percusion, Agrupacion Flamenca, Brobab Percu, Doble Sentido, La Hour tonta, Cafe con Leche, Alerta roja, Trukotrato, Munich, Neverlose, The dry mouths, Insert Coin?, Coaso, Transylvania, Ice-Cream.
Founds for Spanish Red Croisse and Non-gubernamental Acoger y Compartir
Colaboration: Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Roquetas de Mar
Organize: Asociacion Posidonia de Aguadulce.
Sponsores: and otros.
Donation entry: 6 eur advance sale and 8 euros ticket office.

Spring festival of Vicar

Saturday, 1 and 2 may 2010 12h.
Place: Football stadium in Vicar.
Organize: Youth house of Vicar and Facevik youth association.
concerts: Los Vinilos, Giro 57, La Hour tonta, sesión dance: DJ Augusto Egea, Rain.
Free activities.
Music, zoqum, activities and workshops.

motorbikes meeting Vicar 8 ed.

Saturday, 15 may 2010 11h
Place: Football stadium de Vicar.
Organize: Youth house village of Vicar and Tronkomotos Asociation
motorbike meeting: concert Apache, beer and sandwitches, touristic route, and erotic show

moto Vicar
Hombres solos

Friday, 26 february 2010 23:30h
Place: Heartbreak Hotel Pub, marina of Aguadulce
Hombres Solos, concert in live free

Theatre of Siglo de Oro, 27 ed.

7 april 2010 11h
Theatre auditorium Maestro Padilla. Almeria.
DON QUIJOTE, de Miguel de Cervantes
Theatre infant and youth.
Company: Theatre of la Resistencia.

15 april 2010 22h
Teatro Apolo. Almeria.
Theatre titeres
Company: La Máquina Real

16 april 2010 22h
Teatro Apolo. Almeria.
LA REUNIÓN DE LOS ZANNI about text of different autors
Company Teatro Reymala

17 april 2010 22h
Theatre auditorium Maestro Padilla. Almeria
LOS NEGROS de Simón Aguado
Compañia: Axioma Teatro, in collaboration with Centro Andaluz de Teatro

20 april 2010 10h and 12h
Theatre auditorium. ROQUETAS DE MAR
ESCONDED LAS GALLINAS sobre textos de varios autores
youth theatre
Company: Teatro La Paca

24 april 2010 21:30h
Theatre auditorium of Vícar
RICARDO III, de W.Shakespeare
Atalaya Teatro
price: 10 euros.

28 april 2010 10:30h
Theatre auditorium of Vicar.
LA CELESTINA, de Fernando de Rojas.
Lucifer Teatro
price: 3 euros.

1 may 2010 21:30h
Teatro Municipal. TABERNAS
Company: El Ojo del Bululu

more info:

teatro siglo
teatro oro
championship internacional breakdance Vícar. Vol.7, hip hop street vicar 2010, graffitti and skate

graffiti championship, place: Football stadium of La puebla de Vicar, calle Antonio Felices,s/n
championship skate, Place: Plaza de la Colonizacion, Vicar.
championship breakdance Vicar 2010, Pabellon Municipal de Vicar, Camino Real,41
Free autobus. concerts, price ticket: 5 euros

Fito and fitipaldis

Friday 12 de february 2010
Place: Bullring of Roquetas de Mar
Hour: 19:45h
Tour: Gira 2010 concerts and La Cabra Mecanica
price: 23 euros.
tickets buy: , carrefour, fnac

VII Music bands national meeting

sunday, 21 february 2010 12h
Place: Theatre auditorium of Roquetas de Mar

Bandas en Roquetas
Els Joglars

Saturday, 27 february 2010 22h
2036 Omena-G, 50 aniversario Els Joglars.
Place: Theatre auditorium of Roquetas de Mar

els joglars
Monica Naranjo - Adagio Tour

Saturday, 6 march 2010 22h
Adagio Tour
Place: Theatre auditorium of Roquetas de Mar

monica naranjo


Theatre auditorium roquetas

Theatre auditorium of Roquetas de Mar. Av.Reino de España, s/n. In front of Commercial Park Gran Plaza.

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Cycle bull The bull in the arts.
Thursday, June 10, 2010 20:30pm
Location: Castillo de Santa Ana in Roquetas de Mar.
Antonio Gutierrez Paredes Conference on the sign of the tragedy of Manolete.

Toros en Roquetas de Mar plaza toros roquetas

Bullring of Roquetas de Mar. Avenue Curro Romero, s/n

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